King of the Mountains by Dan Possumato

read by Edoardo Camponeschi

Italian peasant hero Giuseppe Musolino, who in 1897 was falsely convicted of a heinous crime and at his trial vowed to escape to wreak vengeance for such a travesty of justice, is rightly famous in his local Calabria, but his tale has not been told before in English. His did break out of gaol, and, true to his word, sought out those who had done him such wrong. Musolino succeeded in his vendetta and eluded capture through luck, bravado and cunning and with the support and cooperation of the local people, to whom he became the Robin Hood of Italy. It is a fascinating tale.

This well-researched and captivatingly written account by Dan Possumato (a distant descendant of Musolino) brings a great character to life.  King of the Mountains is an exciting story, full of  local colour, that is entertainingly read by Edoardo Camponeschi and makes an excellent audiobook with plenty of derring-do and drama.  

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