Say Goodbye by Lisa Gardner

read by Ann Marie Lee and Lincoln Hoppe

Not for the fainthearted, Lisa Gardner has written a compelling and profoundly disturbing serial killer fiction, which is as unpleasant and entertaining as they come. Superbly characterized and horribly convincing, this is not the sort of novel you will want to put down or will be able easily to forget, dealing as it does with psychopathic cruelty and base abuse of children - and the consequences thereof.

Stunningly narrated by Ann Marie Lee and Lincoln Hoppe, Say Goodbye demonstrates Gardner’s deft talent for dialogue and her gifted expertise in creating and sustaining tension and narrative momentum. With so many similar tales unfolding nightly in multitudinous investigative television series - most of the best from the US - this novel shows how the written (and spoken) word can convey so much force and power.

Not an easy listen - but a rewarding one - and one that will stay with you for a long time.

Highly recommended.

* * * * *
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