Our Man in Havana by Graham Greene

read by Jeremy Northam

Based (it is claimed) on Graham Greene's experiences as a spy working for MI6, this satirical romance is a gem - and this CSA Word recording, brilliantly narrated by the excellent Jeremy Northam, is all the better for being 'complete and unabridged'.

Opening with a blast of Cuban jazz, Northam has the wonderfully entertaining skill of characterizing the protagonists with just the right accent, tone, and delivery - from the vague Hawthorne to the venal Captain Segura, the petulant Milly to the tortured Hasselbacher. The story has its own momentum, leading the unworldly James Wormold headlong into an unstoppable maelstrom with international consequences - with uncanny prescience of the Cuban missile crisis.

If you haven't read the book (or seen Carol Reed's feature film) Our Man in Havana is going to delight and entertain. A wonderful seven hours.

* * * * *

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