Doors Open by Ian Rankin

read by James Macpherson

Rankin's Edinburgh is more than a backdrop to his novels. And here it becomes a brooding character influencing all that happens to the disparate bunch of crooks and thugs in this shaggy dog's tale of a heist gone wrong.

Humour mixes with sadistic violence in Doors Open, set in the rarefied milieux of fine art and snooker-club gangsters. Just who is cheating whom and how in this intricate and many-layered plot, peopled by a broad range of characters from a quasi-Marxist academic, a brilliant art student copyist whose trademark is hard to spot anachronistic additions, a career criminal and his bodyguards - one of whom is a police grass, a European 'debt-collector' by the name of 'Hate', a computer tycoon and a bent banker?

James Macpherson's reading is faultless and adds so much to a brilliant tale.

Listen and savour.

* * * * *
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