White Shanghai by Elvira Baryakina

read by Jason Damron

Labelled ‘a novel of the roaring twenties in China’ Elvira Baryakina’s White Shanghai is fast, furious and fanatically anti-communist.
For a whirlwind historical impression of early twentieth-century Shanghai and its huge melting pot of residents, traders and visitors, look no further.

The protagonist is Klim Rogov, an émigré journalist exiled following the Russian Revolution, whose vim, vigour and wit propel him through a host of twists, turns and escapades in the cosmopolitan maelstrom of Shanghai. Working as a reporter for a British-run newspaper, Rogov hopes one day soon to find again Nina, the wife circumstances forced him to abandon. Little could have prepared him for the adventures he encounters in this wonderfully evocative tale based, we are led to believe, on genuine letters, diaries and travelogues of the period.

Jason Damron’s delivery is immediate and dramatic and despite some unintentionally hilarious slips the pace he maintains most definitely draws you in and transports you into a highly entertaining yarn.

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