The Last Israelis by Noah Beck

read by Jeffrey Buckner Ford

The Last Israelis provides a rollercoaster nine hours of suspense as the Israeli Prime Minister lies in a German hospital bed after falling into a coma, having just ordered his Defence Minister to make ready a retaliatory nuclear strike against Iran.

The cast of characters in The Last Israelis makes for an interesting drama: thirty-five crew members in a nuclear-armed submarine who enjoy a very brief and unexpected dockside party with family and loved ones prior to embarking on their deadly final mission. As the party progresses, no one knows their orders and no one can realise the fates of either those left ashore and those in the lethal vessel, The Dolphin.

The submariners are diverse in terms of their backgrounds, political views and sexual orientations, thus making for lively and significant interactions and debate. Add to the drama some sexual jealousy and social conscience and there is fine material for conflict and resolution as deadly events unfold above the water line.

Read with breathless urgency by Jeffrey Buckner Ford, this is excellent audiobook drama which will keep you guessing and urge you to think about the very real tensions still at work in a conflict-torn Middle East.

* * * 
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