Service with a Smile by P. G. Wodehouse

read by Martin Jarvis

Uncle Fred's swansong, Service with a Smile, is a delightful piece of nonsense that will certainly raise a smile - and keep you smiling for a good long time.

Myra Schoonmaker, American millionaire James Schoonmaker's daughter, is at Blandings along with the Duke of Dunstable at the same time as a group of Church Lads are staying under canvas in the castle grounds. Her plan to wed the former pugilist, now curate, 'Bill' Bailey is thwarted by Lord Emsworth's sister Connie and encouraged by Pongo Twistleton's Uncle Fred.

With severed tent ropes, pignapping, departing butlers, multiple engagements, compromising photographs, blackmailing sound recordings and a putative empire built on onion soup, Uncle Fred's services to one and all provide more than a smile - indeed, he makes all things right in the Wodehousian world.

Martin Jarvis carries it all off once again with the consummate ease of the great entertainer he is.

A joy.

* * * *

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