Point Blanc by Anthony Horowitz

read by Oliver Chris

Point Blanc is a rollercoaster trip.

Schoolboy MI6 operative Alex Rider breezes through situations which would test the mettle of even the country's most experienced spies. Drug peddlars, public school shotgun show-offs, a stupid and careless horsey teenaged girl provide adrenalin-packed episodes, even before Alex confronts megalomaniac Afrikaner clonemeisters at an exclusive Swiss school for the wayward sons of the rich and powerful.

Anthony Horowitz's storytelling skills need no introduction. His novels are inventive, entertaining and thought-provoking and his television work is peerless. The Alex Rider series is a wonderful introduction to fiction for reluctant readers and has something that can be enjoyed by all - the very young, the teenager, the adult. And he has inspired many young writers to try their hands at fiction.

Horowitz is working on a screenplay for Point Blanc and it is sure to be a huge success.

Reader Oliver Chris has just the right youthful delivery. Rider is fourteen, but in many ways he is ageless, and Chris gives us all the guts and daring that Rider has in spades - along with his modesty and caution. The perfect voice for Alex.

Don't hesitate. You won't be disappointed.

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