The Inimitable Jeeves, vol. 1 by P. G. Wodehouse

read by Martin Jarvis

Martin Jarvis has the superlative ability to individualise Wodehouse's bizarre cast of characters with consummate skill and humour. Three and half hours in the company of Jeeves, Wooster, Bingo Little, Aunt Agatha, et al. - as well as the inimitable Jarvis - is pretty hard to beat. The Inimitable Jeeves will not disappoint.

In spite of the arguably contentious attitude to class and status depicted in these short stories, there is little to offend and much to entertain. Bingo Little's infatuation with Mabel, a waitress in a tea-and-bun shop (significantly some fifty yards east of the Ritz Hotel), and then Bingo's socialisation of his uncle, Mortimer Little, through reading him the novels of Rosie M. Banks, in which 'marriage with young persons of an inferior social status is held up as both feasible and admirable', is just the start to this wonderful, incomparable set of short stories which is guaranteed to be listened to time after time.

Wodehouse brightens up the dullest day and lightens the heaviest heart. So give yourself a tonic by listening to this comedy classic.

* * * * *
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