Dewey by Vicki Myron

read by Suzanne Toren

The face on the cover says it all, really - the knowing, serious intelligence emanating from the orangey red cat photographed against a backdrop of books.

Dewey - cat and book (and soon to be motion picture) has captured the imagination of the world and put Spencer, Iowa firmly on that world’s map - the story and the character drawing visitors, well-wishers, journalists, film-makers and cat lovers from all over the globe. Google ‘Dewey’ and you will see exactly the phenomenon of this wonderful creature.

Of course, Dewey isn’t the true subject of this audiobook - it is the author and librarian Vicki Myron and how a cat transforms her life, the lives of her daughter, her colleagues and all the naysayers and spoilsports of Spencer, Iowa. Absorbing, heart-warming, moving, life-affirming - and not only for animal lovers or even book lovers - Dewey is social history, recording in microcosm the changing economic, public, community, recreational and even architectural tastes of small-town USA.

Mesmerizingly read by Suzanne Toren, Dewey is a delight for all ages and highly suitable for shortening even the longest of journeys. Dewey will stay in your imagination for life.

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