A Double Dose of Horrid Henry by Francesca Simon

read by Miranda Richardson

Seasonal warnings for anyone with a pre-teenage boy or girl: A Double Dose of Horrid Henry is a strong splurge of characteristic 'Horrid' situations and consequences.

Christmas at the Horrids is an excruciating and disturbing affair, and undeniably more acceptable fare for an eight-year-old than for his or her parents (or guardians, etc.). Your hardy reviewer found CD 1 almost a little too much to take!

Suffice it to say, nonetheless, that this is without doubt classic Horrid - produced with all the talented brilliance that the audiobook people can muster - from the abridgment and narration to the musical arrangements and sound effects (especially the sound effects).

If you can't persuade your children to settle down with a book. Or they tell you they are too old to be read to. Set the CD or DVD player to Horrid Henry's Yuletide exploits and you might have a few hours of peace and ... quiet.

A Double Dose of Horrid Henry is right back on form.

In a word (not a Horridesque kind of word) - inimitable.

* * * *
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