As You Do by Richard Hammond

read by Richard Hammond
After establishing his lads' mag credentials with a bit of rudery and crudity (which may put off the more sensitive listener), 'the hamster' from BBC television's Top Gear demonstrates that he really can produce some wonderfully entertaining and absorbing accounts of his rather reckless life (typified, it goes without saying, by his much-publicised near-death accident of, was it only, last year).

Supposedly much fancied by his female (and equally much envied by his male) fans, Richard Hammond lives a rather charmed existence, heavily subsidised by the BBC licence payer, which allows him to visit exotic locations, throw himself into (carefully managed) dangerous situations and locales, and carry on the sort of carefree life his wage-slave followers can only dream about.

The tales recounted in this audiobook are made many many times more interesting by being narrated by the author, who has an exceptionally infectious delivery that is charming yet vulnerable. You suffer all the indignities and fears he recounts with sympathy, understanding and admiration. And, yes, you end up wishing that he could be a mate of yours in your local.

This is an audiobook delight, and I can't wait for the next instalment. Hammond is a natural storyteller, a natural broadcaster, a national treasure. And long may he entertain.

* * * *

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