The Point of Rescue by Sophie Hannah

read by Charlotte Strevens (unabridged)

A bizarre and baffling set of coincidences and a series of untruths turn into a complicated and chilling story of deceit, obsession and murder.

Desperate for a break from her busy life, Sally uses a work trip that falls through as an excuse to have some time to herself, letting her husband and children believe she is working in Italy. Instead, she books into a local hotel and spends an intimate week with a man she meets in the bar. He tells her his name is Mark Bretherick, that he is married with two children and that he lives not far from where she does. Her nightmare begins when she hears on the news that Mark Bretherick and his family have been found dead - only the Bretherick on the television news isn't the same man she had spent the week with. All the other details of the man's family are identical. To save her marriage and family, Sally has to carry on as before. She can tell no one; even when she starts to believe her own life may be threatened because of what she knows.

Part police investigation, part confessional, The Point of Rescue presents a disturbing picture of the pressures of family life from the perspectives of both women and men - mothers and fathers. It highlights the vulnerability of people in relationships and reminds us of the darknesses which often remain hidden by the facade of the happy family.

Not for the squeamish.

* * *
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