Dying Fall by Elly Griffiths

read by Clare Corbett
Dying Fall: A Ruth Galloway Investigation (Unabridged) 
Dying Fall is forensic archaeologist Dr Ruth Galloway’s fifth outing and Elly Griffiths’ style will be familiar to readers of the earlier books, who will not be disappointed.

The opening is terrific - in more ways than one. The horrible and suspicious death in a house fire of a former university colleague, Dan Golding, is compounded when Galloway receives a delayed message from Dan who reveals that he thinks he has made an important  archaeological discovery and asks for her help in confirming the identity of his find. She hasn't been in contact with 'Dan the Man' for some twenty years. What could be so important for him to contact her out of the blue after all that time? 

A trip north with her infant daughter from her Norfolk home brings more mystery and unanswered questions. Could the remains of King Arthur have really been unearthed amongst Roman workings? Do the Pendle Witches and Druids have anything to do with any of this? And who would be so displeased at such a discovery to start a campaign of threats and murder?

This is a slow-paced thriller with a great deal of underlying menace and tension. Galloway has a somewhat complicated emotional history and her less than glamorous personal and professional lives intersect in this complex web of relationships. And Clare Corbett’s narration gives the whole story lightness and weight in all the right places. Perfect for a long drive in the middle of Britain.

If you like your crime steeped in history, give this a try.

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