The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (volume 3)

read by Edward Hardwicke

As is well documented, Conan Doyle grew tired of his creation Sherlock Holmes: but his readers did not, and Holmes was brought out of retirement, if not raised from the dead by his spiritualism-endorsing creator, on more than one occasion. The audiobook enthusiast will not, I believe, tire of hearing these brilliant and entertaining puzzles being read by that most sympathetic of Watsons, Edward Hardwicke. One can think of no better narrator then he, particularly following his superlative portrayal of the detective's long-suffering companion and chronicler in the peerless Granada television series.

To have these tales (including, The Red-Headed League, Silver Blaze, and A Scandal in Bohemia) read in their entirety demonstrates just what a remarkable writer Conan Doyle at his best really is, and makes one want to try some of his many other creations, which have not fared so successfully as the lodger of 221B Baker Street.

Recordings to be enjoyed again and again.

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