Claudius the God by Robert Graves

read by Derek Jacobi

Epic drama from the celebrated mythographer Robert Graves, Claudius the God draws on classical sources to recreate the lost autobiography of Claudius, fourth emperor of Rome, whose rule spanned from 41 to 54 AD. A sequel to the equally dramatic and surprisingly human I, Clauduis, Claudius the God covers Cluadius' life as he is reluctantly pronounced emperor of the Roman Empire and then a 'god'.

Placating the army following his nephew Caligula's disastrous actions and overseeing the invasion of Britain provide some of the central episodes to Claudius's life as emperor. His reputedly nymphomaniac wife Messalina becomes one of his many distractions, as does his friendship with King Herod, beset by the most horrible diseases and their symptoms. The writing is timeless and there is much to savour.

This great and ever-popular book can be enjoyed on its own just as much as it can as a sequel to I, Claudius (also available from CSA Word), brought alive by the commanding authority of Derek Jacobi, who one simply accepts as the voice of this great and troubled leader.

A modern classic.

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