A Partisan's Daughter by Louis de Bernières

read by Sian Thomas and Jeff Rawle

Louis de Bernières
bittersweet love story makes the perfect audiobook, comprising as it does the reminiscences of a pair of star-crossed would-be lovers. Set in a deftly described condemned houseshare in 1970s London, the protagonists Chris and Roza are an unlikely couple, drawn together by circumstance and circumstances, who explore each other's loneliness and temporarily protect each other from life's desolation.

Possibly a political fable as much as a narrative on narrative, A Partisan's Daughter will reward many a retelling. There is so much more in the implications of what is spoken and what is left unspoken than one gathers on first hearing.
Sian Thomas and Jeff Rawle are exemplary in the two roles.

This unabridged audiobook will keep you intrigued for many an hour, and the characters will linger in your memory for ever.

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