A Handful of Honey by Annie Hawes

read by Saskia Wickham

Annie Hawes's north African travelogue is full of surprises, and her enthusiasm and determination come across in bucketloads in this entertaining and intrepid account of one woman's journey of discovery. There are colour, atmosphere and all the sounds and smells of Morocco and Algeria in every scene, and we learn more about the narrator as she learns about herself.

Sometimes, perhaps, the eagerness of the author to share the lives of the people she meets can be a little overwhelming, as I'm sure it was for the inhabitants of the villages and landscapes she describes, but Saskia Wickham doesn't let this detract from the absolute joy of the wanderlust Hawes depicts, and her reading is sheer poetry. Saskia Wickham's audiobooks are always a delight and she is one of the best performers in the genre.

* * *