Exit Music by Ian Rankin

read by James Macpherson

Faultless writing, faultlessly read.

With the combination of Ian Rankin and James Macpherson, this audiobook demonstrates just why audiobooks are the fastest-growing sector of twenty-first century publishing.

An exceptional author writing a novel with a much-loved protagonist, read with all the skill and talent of an equally exceptional actor, Exit Music is one of the medium's landmarks, justly lauded with the
Audible Sound of Crime Award 2008.

DI John Rebus is a brilliant creation and Ian Rankin is a wonderful wordsmith. And what pleasure to have this great prose read to you by James Macpherson.

Suffice it to say that the plot is perfectly crafted, with all the requisite twists and turns and unanswered questions, and that the characters are exactly the people you might already know or have encountered somewhere. So you want to know the answers and you want to think just how you would react if these things were to happen to you ...

Sheer aural pleasure. An audiobook masterpiece.

* * * * *